Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Nice Nature Evening - 09 Jun 2015

Robin and I drove to Lake Erie Metropark for a run, and found a 'huge' Common Snapping Turtle in the middle of Dixie Hwy in front of the Huron High School. I stopped traffic, ran into the middle of the road, picked up the angry snapper, and moved it off to the side of the road. Folks in their cars didn't seem to mind, and some even gave a thumbs up for my effort. Everyone safe!

Got home and found a Chipping Sparrow atop our little spruce tree in the front yard. Yard bird #45.

The little pond across the street is now hosting a dozen freshly-hatched Mallard ducklings. Too cute!

Grey Tree Frogs continue in the neighborhood. I had no luck locating the little guy belting out his song on our front porch. He's somewhere in the flower pots...

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