Sunday, June 21, 2015

Shorebirding From My Sunroom! - 20 Jun 2015

Its Saturday morning and I'm sipping coffee as I lounge in my Sunroom here at Brownton Abbey. As I gaze out the window over Brownton Wetlands I spy a Spotted Sandpiper foraging the numerous small mud puddles and ruts that comprise the empty lot next door. I'm able to open the window and scope the sandpiper from 60' away! I was worried that it may have left the area after the fields were mowed, but it appears to have taken shelter across the street in the small ponds occupied by the family of Mallards.

Later in the afternoon I was able to scope a Killdeer pair in the same area as the Spotted Sandpiper!

Not a bad effort. And no spilled coffee!

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Mark Wloch said...

You're going to have to buy that empty lot to protect those wetlands. I got my eye on the wooded lot next to my new house, that I might spring for after I sell my old house.

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