Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Golden-crowned Sparrow, part deux! - 27 Oct 2015

At 4:40 pm this afternoon I looked out the back window and saw a skulking sparrow below the feeders. I thought it was a White-crowned Sparrow (hatch year), again, until it 'ran' into the brush instead of flying off. I grabbed the bins and was able to verify that the Golden-crowned Sparrow had returned! This was the first I've seen it since 18 Oct 2015 when it was discovered here in Brownstown Twp, Wayne Co., MI.

This time I had the digiscoping gear set up, so I quickly started digiscoping it as it came back into the open. Two minutes later, and 130 photos, it flushed and did not return.

Here is a White-throated Sparrow for direct comparison.

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Mark Wloch said...

This may be a naive question, but is that the same bird? The photos from the 18th show a uniform side dusky pattern from the chest all the way back toward the tail. While the bird from yesterday is showing much lighter coloration on the side. Did it undergo a molt during the days between sightings? Anyway, cool nonetheless. Makes you wonder what birds are visiting when no one is looking.

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