Sunday, October 11, 2015

Raptor Migration over Brownstown - 11 Oct 2015

Despite a breezy, west wind this morning I enjoyed a nice migration of Turkey Vultures over Brownton Abbey. I had awoken from a short nap at about 10 am and, with Buffy curled up in my arms, watched dozens of Turkey Vultures float over the house from the east. They were following the power lines but peeling off just as they passed over. Some were very close!

I roused myself from the couch, grabbed the camera and ran out the back door just in time to grab some low-flying birds passing overhead.

After several minutes of photographing the Turkey Vultures I noticed that a nice flight of Blue Jays was occurring, as well. So, I took up the challenge of trying to photograph them as they flew past the yard.

Note the acorns!

Several hundred Turkey Vultures flew by the house during the course of the day, while probably that many Blue Jays passed by, as well. A check of the Detroit River Hawk Watch showed 800 Turkey Vultures counted today - my guess is that their low numbers indicated that birds crossed over from Canada farther to the north of the Lake Erie Metropark that prompted them to fly over Brownton.

I finished my morning w/ a nice pic of a male House Finch sitting in the brush.

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