Monday, November 23, 2015

Golden-crowned Sparrow returns! - 23 Nov 2015

I got home from work just in time to watch the last rays of light disappear from the yard. But, as I scanned the 2-dozen Juncos and dozen House Sparrows still foraging below the feeder I spotted the Golden-crowned Sparrow near the grass line chasing Juncos away from potential meals.

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Edward said...

April 26th I was in Elmwood Cemetery looking for Warblers which I never find and I spot a sparrow in my binocs. It was nicely lit in front of me and for some reason it stayed in place so I kept looking until I realized there was something different about its head. It had a golden crown! I watched it until it flew off and then I went to my Audubon smartphone app which shows the Pacific Northwest as the range for the Golden-crowned Sparrow. So then I head over to the Belle Isle Nature Center and ask the young male naturalist whats new. He says yesterday someone reported a Brant and today people are reporting Golden-crowned Sparrows. So I got my confirmation. I really did see a Golden-crowned Sparrow. Elmwood to the southern end of Belle Isle is probably less than half a mile.

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