Sunday, November 29, 2015

Yard Visitors - 29 Nov 2015

A Red Squirrel made a first appearance at the feeder this morning. The tiny pale red fur really stood out against the frost this morning. So a couple of pics through the back window were in order.

My Golden-crowned Sparrow made another 1-minute appearance. The bird seems to be hanging with a White-throated Sparrow as my only sightings are always of the two birds. This morning (9:30 am) they were at the far end of the yard under the Bluebird House. Unfortunately, with houses being built on either side of ours the entire place is considered a construction zone so I can't invite people out look for the bird. And, the bird goes for days without being seen, so I believe it is working a large area.

A Blue Jay is always fun to photograph, even if through the window...

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