Monday, January 4, 2016

Back to Work 2016! - 04 Jan 2016

It was Monday afternoon after the first day back to work 2016. I was surprised to see a couple of folks camped out behind th e house looking for the Golden-crowned and Harris’ Sparrows. The skies were partly clear, but it had been snowing lightly all day, so there was a dusting on the ground. Temps were below freezing so activity at the feeders was good.

I spotted the Golden-crowned Sparrow below the feeder shortly after 4 pm, and so did everyone else. Since no-one was leaving I expected they were staying to see the Harris’ Sparrow. At just around 5 pm the Harris’ Sparrow appeared below the feeder, so I decided to digiscope a video. After a few minutes the Golden-crowned Sparrow arrived, and I was able to video both birds at the same time! Light was low, and I was having trouble getting stills from digiscoping, even w/ high-ISO settings, so the video was a nice consolation. 

I'll have to keep those feeders stocked!

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