Sunday, January 17, 2016

Purple Finch! - 16 Jan 2016

Yesterday afternoon, just before dark I checked the feeders and found little activity. Two houses down at the Morton's, however, a streaked sparrow caught my eye. I put the scope on their feeders and found a female Purple Finch among several House Finches! One had been reported last week from birders waiting for the Golden-crowned and Harris' Sparrows, but I was at work.

This morning I sat in the back window of Brownton Abbey and watched the dozen or so juncos foraging below the feeder when the female Purple Finch flew in. I managed to get a few pics of it through the window, but she refused to pose in the open long enough for a real nice portrait.

Note the thicker, heavier streaking on the chest and flanks, and the almost-all brown cheeks with bright white eye-stripe. This makes the Purple Finch contrastingly bolder in appearance relative to the female House Finch that has more of a sooty appearance and plain brown cheeks w/o eye-stripe.

female House Finch

Just before 11 am the Harris' Sparrow made a several minute appearance below the feeders.

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