Monday, January 25, 2016

Purple vs. House Finch, Pt. II - 24 Jan 2016

I took the scope outside for the first time since mid-October. With the Golden-crowned and Harris' Sparrows visiting the feeders I've been doing all of my digiscoping and photographing through a window. It gets me close to the birds without spooking them, but windows make horrible filters and result in softer-than-normal images. But, Purple Finches have arrived, and the sun was shining for the first time in ages, so I needed to do some real digiscoping.

I crouched near the back of the house and waited for the birds to arrive. While waiting I could hear a cacauphony of Dark-eyed Juncos from the woods nearby, and a flock of six Eastern Bluebirds flew overhead. The first Northern Cardinal song heralded a hint of spring!

I'd seen a pair of female/juvenile Purple Finches the past several days, but had yet to have seen a male. Until now. A pair of bright, cranberry-colored males flew in and foraged among the male House Finches and made for a nice study in contrast. Note the lack of brown belly and flank streaks and the red coloration that extends up onto the wings and back. The House Finch males are redder in coloration with distinct brown streaks on the lower belly and flanks.

The females are more distinctly different, as described in previous posts.

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Thierry Lach said...

Nice pictures showing the color distinction.

Someone (sorry, I don't remember who) once told me: "If you're not sure it's a purple finch, it's not a purple finch."

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