Saturday, March 12, 2016

Good To See Old Friends! - 12 Mar 2016

I was happily surprised to see the Golden-crowned Sparrow make a feeder appearance at 8:45 am. It only stayed momentarily, but would return at 11 am long enough to get some digiscoped images from inside the house.

A cool, frosty morning brought lots of Dark-eyed Juncos (6-8) and American Tree Sparrows (6) to the feeders. I was also happy to see 5-6 Pine Siskins squabbling over the finch feeder. Of interest was how aggressive the juncos were to each other and any other bird in their flight path - lots of chasing!

At 5:45 pm I was all set to head to Erie Marsh to look for the Eurasian Wigeon when I looked out back and saw the Harris' Sparrow! It was foraging on the ground for several minutes, and I attempted to get some digiscoped images from the open window. But, someone's cat tried to jump out the window and flushed the bird to the top of buckthorn tree. Thanks, Asia! Finally, a not-on-the-ground photo of the Harris' Sparrow.

BTW, I would dip on the Eurasian Wigeon.

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