Saturday, April 30, 2016

Prelude to The Biggest Week in American Birding - 30 Apr 2016

With only a couple of days from the start of The Biggest Week in American Birding Festival in NW Ohio I decided to make a run down to Magee Marsh and the Boardwalk. Despite cool, breezy temps and slight overcast the place was hopping with birds and people. This Ruby-crowned Kinglet was singing and foraging near a (hopefully) receptive female.

I spotted this Brown Thrasher on the drive into the boardwalk area. Great Egrets and Snowy Egrets, Pectoral Sandpipers, a Wilson's Snipe, and Lesser Yellowlegs were in the marshes along the main drive.

Yellow Warbler was the first official warbler photographed this spring. I had to shoot through vegetation to get it.

Palm Warblers and Yellow-rumped Warblers are the dominant warbler right now, but that will change w/ the next wave of birds in a day or two. Things are a bit stagnant with  the cool, wet weather of the past few days.

Louisiana and Northern Waterthrushes were spotted on the boardwalk. A Field Sparrow, Swamp and Song Sparrows were spotted, as well. Gray Catbird and more Brown Thrashers (left) were moving through the understory. Overhead the Tree Swallows were actively nesting and chattering. I would dip on Pine Warbler and Prothonotary Warblers. Even Chipping Sparrows made an appearance!

A walk along the Estuary Trail stirred up several House Wrens, and a very cooperative Warbling Vireo. I digiscoped it from 25' away.

I drove over to Ottawa NWR and photographed the Trumpeter Swans on nest.

Just before driving out I spotted these adorable Killdeer babies.

I'll be in Miami this week, but hope to get back here next week when the next wave of warblers come in!

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Sandra said...

Very nice write-up and photos. I went out today and saw a few of the same species. After today's weather Florida sounds great. Have a good trip.

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