Monday, June 20, 2016

Field Sparrows and a Chat! - 19 Jun 2016

A Yellow-breasted Chat at Oakwoods Metropark in Wayne Co., MI was reported earlier this week by Karl Overman. Since it was only about 10 minutes away I grabbed the scope to see if I could relocate it. Parking at the horse trail lot next to the railroad tracks I walked the bike path about ¼ mile before locating the Chat. I could hear it singing loudly from the bike trail, and spotted it flying across the field to a tree well off the trail. After a wee bit of bushwhacking I spotted it briefly before it flew off again.

As I headed back to the trail I came across a fledgling Baltimore Oriole. Nearby mom was chattering away and brought a mouthful of grubs to the young.

Yellow Warblers were also out in force, and several pairs were seen in every direction.

Some noisy chips got my attention, and a pair of Field Sparrows carrying insects were agitated by my presence. A nest must by close by, so I stayed only long enough to grab a few pics w/ the D7100 and a couple of digiscoped images.

Indigo Buntings were seen in several locations, but constantly on the move, so a digiscoped image was all I could muster.

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