Friday, October 7, 2016

October Nighthawks! - 06 Oct 2016

Six Common Nighthawks were a very nice surprise this October 6th evening here at Brownton! I grabbed the camera and began the task of trying to capture their erratic and frenetic flight patterns as they swooped and darted for flying insects.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see several juvenile Common Nighthawks among the flock. This was a first for me, and gave me an opportunity to share their distinctive plumage trait: wrist "dots" that only cover three primaries.

It also gave me an opportunity to check out the difference between Common Nighthawks and our more southerly Lesser Nighthawks. Lesser are a bit smaller and more compact, but have their white wrist bands closer to the tips of their primaries. Their bright white throats are also help. This difference makes it easy for me to verify the juvenile Common Nighthawk flying overhead.

Its a good time of the year.

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