Monday, December 12, 2016

Mountain Bluebird! - 12 Dec 2016

A Mountain Bluebird (Sialia currucoides) was found at the tip of the Harvey Ensign DNR Boat Launch in Harrison Twp., Macomb County, MI two days ago. With yesterday's snow storm bringing almost a foot of snow I was worried that the bird would not be refound. But, several sightings were made during the storm, and another several this morning, so I grabbed the gear and drove the 50 minutes trip to look for the bird.

I arrived at 2 pm and found conditions less than optimal for photography; dark skies, winds blowing, and temperatures below freezing. I hiked the trail to the tip of the peninsula and did not see anyone around, so I worried that perhaps the bird had flown and everyone had left. But, near the Lighthouse the Mountain Bluebird was perched in a low branch next to the trail!

I digiscoped it for several minutes and managed to get some nice images of its wingspread.

It then flew toward the several of us and landed in a grape vine tangle just a few feet in front of us. After swallowing a few grapes it hopped up on the vines and provided some nice portrait shots.

It then flew to a tree next to us before continuing on toward the shoreline where it foraged along the rocks. I managed a few more pics before it flew back toward the tip.

What a great state rarity to start the end of year vacation!

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Cathy Carroll said...

Darn cute little bird!

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