Sunday, July 2, 2017

Baltimore Orioles - 02 Jul 2017

The raccoons made off w/ the orange jelly feeder this morning. So, Robin gave me a yogurt container of jelly and a small stand for us to put the dish. Timing was great as the Baltimore Orioles came in by the half dozen. A couple of males, and a pair of fledglings looking for jelly from mom and dad.

One of the birds has a damaged left eye and is having trouble flying. After buying new hummingbird and oriole feeders today the raccoon got them and emptied the jelly and nectar. I found this male stuck to the hummingbird feeder covered in jelly and trying to drink the (lack of) nectar. I was able to approach very closely before it fluttered off to nearby bushes, where I realized it was in trouble.

So, I took the feeders inside, cleaned and freshened them up, and brought them back out just as the little male fluttered back in. I took off one of the yellow plastic flowers from the hummingbird feeder so it could drink easier. It found the hole and spent 30 minutes drinking and resting. He came back a bit later after I took the feeders down for the night.

Meanwhile, I'm going to see if a $50 raccoon baffle from Wildbirds Unlimited will keep the little raiders off the sunflower feeder. Good news! Just after sundown mom raccoon came out with 4 fat little raccoon babies to forage under the feeders. She tried to climb the baffle 4 times but kept falling off. She finally gave up and headed back into the brush.

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