Monday, August 21, 2017

Blue Grosbeak! - 20 Aug 2017

After dipping on the Blue Grosbeak yesterday I had the opportunity to look for it/them again this morning. I dropped Robin off at Lake Erie Metropark and had an hour to look for the bird(s). So, I drove down Roberts Road with the hopes of seeing/hearing it/them.

The first drive turned up a lot of quiet. Only a fly-by Cedar Waxwing broke up the silence. I drove down to the Roberts Road parking lot and did a rough count of the approximately 200 Purple Martins still amassing in the trees. My luck changed on the trip back.

As I passed the large hill on my left I scanned the open field beyond the fence and spotted a bird perched on the trees at the edge of the burm. Score! Blue Grosbeak male in the open and singing.

The bird was working a territorial circle and spent a few seconds flying from tree to tree (or phragmites) and circling the car. I managed to get some digiscoped videos and grab some stills when he flew close enough to get the scope on him.

At one point he landed on the fence next to a female.

Another nemesis bird down! Finally some nice images of a rare bird to SE Michigan.

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