Friday, August 11, 2017

Orange-throated Hummingbird! - 11 Aug 2017

The Ruby-throated Hummingbirds have been active in the yard the past few days. One particular male has been kind of a dick to the other birds in the yard, so I haven't felt too badly about calling him in with the recorded calls. It has given me the opportunity to get some point-blank digiscoping from inside the house.

Four days ago (7 August) he was molting pretty heavily. I posted a pic to the Hummingbird Photography Facebook page and got confirmation from Sheri L. Williamson that it indeed was an adult male molting. The orange-tinged gorget feathers were noted and she kindly included a link to her article about feather wear being responsible for the color shift from ruby-red.

This evening I had the opportunity to photograph a pair of hummers this evening and realized that one was a juvenile male (a single red gorget feather on the throat) while the other was a full-grown male showing no hint of pin-feather molt. A third bird?  Image captures indicated that its gorget feathers were glowing orange, and not ruby red, so it may have been a specimen that I've been looking for ever since I started studying the red gorget feathers at work about 4 years ago.

If only I could get a barbule or two from this guy...

"bored now"

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