Saturday, September 2, 2017

White Sand Lake, WI - 28 Aug 2017

We were up by 6:30 am and having breakfast, enjoying a cup of coffee while watching the sunrise over Sand Lake, when the juvenile Common Loon floated by just 100’ from our window. I grabbed the scope and attempted to take some videos as it dove and appeared out on the lake in front of our cabin. Harsh backlighting made exposures difficult, so I had to open the camera 2.0+ f-stops to get some detail of the bird. Great way to start the vacation.

While Robin headed off to her first full day of painting Asia and I hung out at the cabin. We took a short walk outside exploring the surroundings before she wanted back inside for a day of napping. 

At some time during mid-morning I heard loons calling in the distance, so I grabbed the scope and managed to find the juvie Common Loon out on the far side of the lake. On a lark I whistled back in response to the loons calling and noticed that the juvie turned in my direction and began swimming. I took a video of it as it swam in the direction of my whistling, and within 10 minutes was in front of the cabin! I got video of it diving and resurfacing with a perch, and managed to show a neighbor the bird just 100’ away. 

After lunch I attempted to check e-mails with almost no cell service, so I  headed up to the Lodge to use their Wifi, but gave up after being unable to get a decent signal. It was a bit too windy and choppy on the lake to attempt kayaking, but clearing skies brought glass-smooth waters and a gorgeous sunset. Tomorrow, if weather holds, I’ll be out on the water w/ the camera.

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