Saturday, October 28, 2017

A Fox and Two Zonotrichia sparrows - 28 Oct 2017

Two years ago this week I was blessed with a Golden-crowned Sparrow that appeared under the feeders. Today, I'd be happy to see the first White-throated and White-crowned Sparrows of the Fall.

I'm back to digiscoping through the back window since heat convections are sufficient to destroy images when trying to shoot with the window open. Gonna have to build a blind on the porch...

If you've ever watched Song, White-throated, White-crowned, Harris' and Golden-crowned Sparrows forage its amazing to see how they can scrape the ground without moving their heads. Its only possible to capture with fast frames (or video, as in this case).

A Fox Sparrow was a pleasant surprise, as well! And, I'm up to 2 Dark-eyed Juncos now.

Addendum: At 5:30 pm I counted (2) Fox Sparrows, (4) White-throated Sparrows, (1) White-crowned Sparrow, and (4) Juncos!

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