Friday, November 10, 2017

Snow Goose - 10 Nov 2017

Robert Bochenek found a female King Eider and a Snow Goose at Belle Isle Park in Wayne Co. yesterday. Since I was home early this morning getting contract work done I decided I had time to drive into Detroit to look for the birds. Last night brought record low temps for November 10 (19F) so it was cold. But, clear skies were nigh so I decided to go for it.

I arrived at Belle Isle at 9:30 am and found Joe Kwasniewski, Mike Mencotti and Jeff Stacey at the tip of the south side of the island scoping the Detroit River. The eider was about 400 yds away and barely a blob on the water. Winds were gusting and it stung to look into the scope. Despite a face mask and cap I was freezing. But, I did get a view of the bird despite the distance and watering eyes. It would fly into to shore 2 hours later, but I had to leave.

Luckily, the Snow Goose was nearby and easier to photograph. It flew off to the lawns up the road, so I stopped long enough to get a few photos and some digiscoped images before heading back to work.

On the way out I found a half-dozen Bufflehead frolicking in the canal, so I jumped out and got a pic or two before they swam off. 


Dani C. said...

Hello, I am pretty new at bird watching, and I've enjoyed your blog over the last year or so & just wanted to comment on the beautiful Bufflehead pic! I never realized their feathers had such a lovely iridescence!
Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and info about local bird sightings
Dani C. in Taylor MI

Clare Johnson said...

Just Wonderful, Jerry. You Really Caught the Beautiful Colors. ....Keep Jumping out of you car to Get These Great Shots. :)

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