Thursday, December 28, 2017

Willow Run Airport Snowy Owls - 28 Dec 2017

Despite -8F temps I drove over to Willow Run Airport to look for Snowy Owls. I spotted a presumed male owl next to the fence along the south end of the service drive. It was on the hill of the landfill along the south side of the airport. It flew off as soon as I slowed down the car and disappeared over the top of the burn. It appeared to have something furry in its talons. I managed a few photos before it disappeared.

I spotted a second Snowy Owl out in the airport near the Tower.

A large flock of Snow Buntings appeared over the landfill to my left, and were joined by 6 Lapland Longspurs that flew across the front of the car as I turned around to leave.

A stop by Grace Lake (Visteon) yielded only 100 Ring-billed Gulls on the ice. No white-winged gulls were seen, or dark mantled gulls.

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