Saturday, February 3, 2018

Sharp-shinned Hawk - 02 Feb 2018

We arrived home from dinner and was greeted with this lovely site out the back window. An adult Sharp-shinned Hawk roosting just 20' away! I had to belly crawl to get the camera from the front of the window and back away to get some pics without flushing the bird. It spent about 10 minutes just looking around and allowed me time to get photos w/ the camera and digiscoping equipment (through the window).

The small size (~Blue Jay size) and gray head / nape area makes it easy to differentiate it from a Cooper's Hawk.

It showed one eye very much dilated, which made me wonder if it suffered a recent head trauma. Window strike?

It eventually flew off, but not before allowing me a few videos through the window with the Sony a6300. One is 4k while the other is Slo-Motion 1040p.

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